Shreveport, LA – 5/26/2012

MeIn Jesus Name!morial Day weekend was absolutely phenomenal. We had the privilege of sharing the Word of God with The Church in the Name of Jesus Christ in Shreveport, LA by invitation of Bishop Dr. Tyrone Cawthorne. Bishop is the current Chairman of the Texas State Council (, he is a doing a fine job if I may add. Sunday Morning the Lord allowed us the preach “It Should Have Killed You” – Acts 28:3-4, the power of God moved and the altars were packed. Bishop Cawthorne invited us back on Sunday night, and we preached “Let’s Go Home!” – I Thess. 4:14-18…once again packed altars! A brother Repented of His Sins,  was Baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and came out of the water Speaking in Tongues! The PROMISE IS UNTO YOU! We look forward to going back and share with Shreveport in June. Beautiful Holiness Standards, High Praise, and the folks at the Church in the Name really Love the Lord and desire to do His will! In the office Bishop & Mother Cawthorne blessed me with sound wisdom and advice. Thank God for wonderful Mentors in the Lord!


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