Texas State Council Recap

In November 2013, the 93 year old Founder of the Apostolic Assemblies of Christ, Inc. and his staff of 3 came to Houston, TX for the purpose of a ‘Meet & Greet’ Fellowship. The meeting provided great success which leaded to the Official Formation of the Texas State Council with Bishop Paul W. Bell as Diocesan Bishop. There was a different need for an Organization that moved beyond Racial Boundaries, had a Hunger for Souls, and upheld the Standards of Holiness. At a meeting of the Board, it was decided that the First Official Council Session be held in Austin, Texas with me as the Host Pastor.

If we can fast forward to May 31-June 1, all I can say is POWERFUL! The Spirit of Praise was overwhelming as 6 churches from Central Texas, Greater Houston, and Western Louisiana came together to Magnify God in the Beauty of Holiness. The first night, Bishop Paul Bell preached a message entitled “Be Assertive”…brought Pastors to the altar with tears in their eyes. Bishop charged us to take a stand wherever God has planted us. It was powerful and brought about a strong conviction amongst the Saints. Elder DeMarlon Nixon’s church provided excellent hospitality and GREAT food. (You know Preachers love to eat, lol!) I got home around 1:50 am and jumped in bed, woke up at 7:30 am to prepare for the morning sessions.

There was much work to be done for registrations so I missed a great portion of the morning sessions, but I heard rave reviews. The Executive Board met at 11:05 am, we had a successful meeting and collaboration. During the meeting, the Apostolic Women’s Auxiliary had their session, and we could here the Worship, Crying, and Singing through the Walls. We continued to meet, but the sounds from the Youth Service began to overwhelming the Board Meeting, I became anxious to get out of the meeting and into the service…when I walked into the Sanctuary, the Power of God was so Strong, young people were at the altar Dancing, Crying, and praying for each other!!! Bro. Nixon brought a strong, convicting message on Holiness and Separation. The Pastors were Blessed, the delegates and visitors were Blessed!

Thank God for a Successful Summer Session in Austin, Texas! Meet us November 8-9, 2013 in Leesville, LA….it’s going to be EPIC!


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