Why Are Our Conventions Attendance Falling?

I will blog about how this affects the Pentecostal Church at Large.


by Robert Earl Houston

We’ve all heard the whispers and numbers don’t lie. Among the four traditional African-American Baptist denominations, namely, National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., Inc., National Baptist Convention of America, Inc. International, Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc., and National Missionary Baptist Convention of America – attendance in both annual sessions and Congresses are falling.

When I was a young minister, attending the NBCA (before the split) Convention and Congress, I was amazed at the numbers. During the annual session, President’s Day it was packed “kibber to kibber” – no matter what part of the Country, if the NBCA Convention or Congress assembled there, a large crowd was sure to attend. Even in controversy, in San Francisco in 1980, when the hotel workers were on strike and we literally had to change our own beds, the ballrooms were packed and late night service was the crown jewel of the meeting…

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