Re-positioning & Consolidating for the Harvest! – MMXIV

imagesPraise the Lord Everybody!

The end of the year has come and seems like the year went by so fast! But we made it! I just wanted to take this time to thank all of my readers for your continued prayers and support.

This year has been a very trying year, but very rewarding in the same token. Ironic huh? That is how ministry tends to be at times.

I do have certain goals for 2014.

1. Going back to School!

2. I am praying about 2 major ministry decisions…between Houston, Texas and Shreveport, LA.

3. CAMPMEETING 2014 (October 9-12) in Ft. Worth, TX. Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready! We are gathering Preachers, Worship Leaders, and Saints from around the Country for a Time of Refreshing! We’re not gathering to start an organization, fellowship, or group but we seek to bring together those of like precious Faith for some Good Ole’ Fashioned Church!

4. Attend to the Growth, Development, and Consistency of this Blog! I know, I know, I slacked off…but I pledge to do better in 2014!

5. The Advancement of J. D. Charlot Ministry, our Evangelistic arm…this year we had extensive ministry in Texas, Louisiana, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois. It is our desire to connect with ministries on the West Coast and the Northeastern Boarders of the US! There’s NOTHING my God can not do! It also on my heart to do Mission Work in Jamaica.

I have a lot of work to do and I’m looking forward to a Wonderful Year full of Good Success, Overtaking Blessings, and Prosperity!



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